Sergey Piskunov

“A burst of emotion, forcing me to turn my soul inside out and leave it on the canvas – that’s how I see the work of my life.”
Sergey Piskunov is a former IT engineer turned professional painter. Working within hyperrealism, this Ukrainian talent composes striking painted works with photographic qualities and illusions. Puskunov's faithful compass and guide is the perception of the world through the prism of his own inspiration.
Solo exhibitions
•2018 Collective Exibition / Zoom Gallery - Tel Aviv, Ukraine
•2017 Collective Exhibition / 101 Gallerie - Mexico, Mexico
•2017 Collective Exhibition / Zoom Gallery - Tel Aviv, Israel
•2016 Charity art-project CAN! / Triptych - Kiev, Ukraine
•2016 Collective Exhibition / Artbox Gallery - Zurich, Switzerland
•2013 International art-project / Museum of Hetmanate - Kiev, Ukraine
•2017 Deepak Mehla- This Amazing Artist Takes Hyper-Realism To The Next Level