Angelika Privalikhina

In 1990, Angelika graduated from the Art College in Krasnoyarsk. She taught and worked as an assistant curator at the local art museum. From 1995-2000 she created a curriculum for elementary schools called art: from the beginning. The course has been published in the State School Board as a monograph, and is used as a basis for art history in primary schools in Siberia. Angelika has received several awards for her art. She has also received numerous praise and awards for her contribution as a teacher of art from the Department of Culture of Krasnoyarsk, and art and culture museum of Krasnoyarsk. Member of the Union of ARTS of Russia since 2006 Member ofinternanonalAssocianonorak Association Internationale De ARTS Plastiques-IAA AlAP Unesco. 

With the deepest gratitude to God I dedicate my artwork to my dear parents, friends and all those close to me. I love you. I was born in the small town of Uzlovaya in the Tula region. Our family lived in a small apartment at the officers’ quarters and I still remember the long corridor where I used to ride my tricycle. But far away in cold Siberia another life hard but more romantic and interesting was awaiting us. In the 1950s the Soviet authorities began to popularize the so called romanticism of untrodden paths and new construction projects. The songs, books and films of that time made life in the wild sound very appealing. My father wanted to be one of those who were doing great things. He moved to Siberia where a new work city, Strezevoi was being built. Not a few months had passed when mv mother prepared me and packed a small suitcase to set oft to Siberia to be together with her husband.

What my parents thought might be a short stint in Siberia stretched into many years. Here I spent my childhood and early youth. For me it was a time to discover myself. It was the place where I took up painting. My father used to take me out in nature.It could be a forest where we picked berries and mushrooms or a river where we enjoyed boating and fishing. I admired the beauty of mysterious taiga where willows were Dending admired the carpet or trees and lowers that would change from bright orange to gold at sunset.

Nearly every summer we visited my mother’s parents who lived near Moscow. When I return to my memories from that time I can still feel the thrill of my childhood. The local kids showed me fields sown with wheat and rye where we used to play hide-and- seek, pick up cornflowers and bluebells. We felt so happy and free. There was a mine near the village and close to it was a mountain of coal which we were not allowed to climb. I did climb it though because from the top I could watch the wind stirring the wonderful carpet of august rye.
I am a lucky woman. I have always met the people I needed. Now, years later, I understand it was the will of our loving God. We all have our share of His love, we just have to spot it and not lose it.

I have always enjoyed drawing. When I was a little girl I liked to observe various objects, to see how their forms changed. I used to watch people around me, noticing the plasticity of their hands and bodies. I paid attention to their facial expressions and their eyes. I could see how forms and lines would change depending on light, colour, shade and hue and recognize a familiar figure in some distant object. Finally I started taking classes in an art school where the teachers helped me discover the fascinating world of art. Thanks a lot to all of you. 


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