Dima Zaitchik




“Lady in Red Looking in Mirror”



“Six surgeries, two years of recovery and his right hand still severely damaged, at the age of 18, he taught himself to draw with his left hand.”

Dima was born in Moscow, Russia in 1955.  It was his aunt, an engineer and passionate art lover, who noticed and encouraged Dima’s interest in drawing.  He started to draw as early as at age 4.  Drawing practically everything that caught his attention: people, animals, and favorite cartoon characters. The aunt insisted on sending him to study art at a prestigious School on Kropotkinskaya on the grounds of the famous Museum of European Fine Art in Moscow.   

Dima graduated from art school with honors and before he could continue his art education in the university, he had an unfortunate accident that threw him off his dreams. Six surgeries, two years of recovery and his right hand still severely damaged, at the age of 18, he taught himself to draw with his left hand.  Several years later Dima was accepted and earned his Master Degree in Fine Arts at the  Moscow Academy of Applied Art and Design (former Stroganoff) and was accredited by Russian Artist Association.

When the Gorbatchev era started and small private businesses were allowed in Russia, Dima opened his Art and Design Studio in Moscow and successfully operated it till he decided to leave for Israel in 1991.  Working in different fields of Art and Design, painting fine art has always been his favorite. It allowed him to express his artistic vision at its best.  His first four years in Israel were dedicated for painting only. Numerous shows, exclusive gallery representation, and commission for The Temple Institute in Jerusalem were just a few of his accomplishments.  As a tribute to his talent two of Dima’s paintings are in the Temple Museum in Jerusalem, Israel.

 Since 1996 Dima calls Toronto, Canada his new home. His paintings are in private collections in Russia, Canada, Israel, the Netherlands and the United States. He also shares his passion for art through teaching. 

He says about his art: “From early childhood I was always intrigued and fascinated by magic play of light and shade. I found amazing how everything – leaves on trees, grass and water- was changing at sunrise and sunset, how sunlight made everything to look absolutely new and different each and every time. Trying to work in different styles and mediums I always keep one thing straight – I see the world around us as piercing luminescence of rich colors sculpturing the objects. The hymn to the beauty of the light – that’s the main idea behind all my paintings.  If you can see and feel it in my works, then I can’t be pleased more.” 


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